What the boardcasting news is?

Wrong Wrong Wrong!


What will you do to protect our environment? (ASSIGNMENT 2)

Can you hear the birds sing?

Can you feel the wind blow?

Can you smell the scent of roses?

Environment has been a hot topic in the past few year.  What will you do to protect our environment?

This time, we interviewed some of the students in HKBU, too see how they protect our environment.

There is NO WAY to save our world unless we take the actions!


Tsoi Ki Lik 14202859

Lee Chit Ngai 13209892

Wong Ching Yu 13204416

My Best Freind #A person’s daily live (Assignment 1)


“What the Hell are you doing, Alex?”

“Why do you troll me so hard?”

“Free to go out and have a drink?”

Each person should have at least one best friend.

If you don’t get one,

who can you tell when you are sad,

who can you share when you are happy,

who can you seek help from when you are in trouble?


  1. He is David Lee, is my best friend. Time will be our witness. It will strengthen our friendship day by day, year by year.
  2. Just a count down to bring you to his daily live.
  3. Just a count down to bring you to his daily live.
  4. Just a count down to bring you to his daily live.
  5. Wake up in the morning feeling like a peace day. The place David can take a breath in this city. The bedroom is everyone’s energy recharge center. Have a sleep, then, full of spirit.
  6. In the spare time, concentrating to the monitor, David does what the teenager will do – PLAYING PC GAME. Winning the game and tasting the SUCCESS, although it doesn’t occur in the real world, the feeling is addictive. It seems the way, the only way you are better than others.
  7. Besides playing games, he has another hobbies. “Playing the violin, I can get the real success. I love performing.” David said. Music is a way, a expression that everyone can know the message without reading the words. Just listen, using your heart to listen. You can imagine the picture when you are digesting each musical note.
  8. Who is your favorite cartoon character or hero? When we were young, we always acted the hero we love. Using our creative to make the weapons with limit resources. The growth is so curious, it let us know the real society, eliminating our childlike thinking.
  9. Starting the trip with brave, because no one know what will be happened in the next second.
  10. Tea Time ! Tea Time! Before starting the long journey, I need to have a Earl Gray Tea with some Honey. If you want me to walk, please give me a Hot Dog.
  11. “Next station………….” Besides the noise and notification from the train, there is not other sound. Everyone focus on their smart phone. So COLD, so BLUE!
  12.  What is the best way to pass time in the MTR? NO DOUBT, it is looking at the smart phone, and, merge in the crowd, in the environment.
  13. However, is it everyone sink in their own world? Maybe, they are caring what is going on around them?
  14. Choosing plants. “Plants have Chlorophyll that can turn Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen. It can refresh the air in my room” David said seriously. Well, a plant plants in the water can refresh the air? I have no idea= =?
  15. Oh ! What are pretty kitty! It sleeps comfortably. Are you belonging to this pet shop? You are willing to give up your freedom and live under fake “FREEDOM”. Stand UP! Do what the Hong Kong Citizens are doing, frighting for your future, your real live.
  16. Getting loss in the street? I will know where your are, where do you go.
  17. Time is running out, let’s get back. Lining up at the minibus station no matter how long it is, we believe, there is an “END POINT” in front of you.

By Alex